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Pierside Developer Claims ‘Bully Tactics’ Used by Huntington Beach Activist

Pierside Developer Claims ‘Bully Tactics’ Used by Huntington Beach Activist

By John Earl
Surf City Voice

Kim Kramer, the leader of a group that advocates for downtown and city-wide improvements, has been accused by a prominent local developer of using “bully tactics” in an attempt to pressure him into donating $25,000 per year for-life to the city for a proposed downtown area residential parking permit program that he was promoting.

Joe Daichendt, owner of the Pierside Pavillion on the corner of PCH and Main

4 Responses to “Pierside Developer Claims ‘Bully Tactics’ Used by Huntington Beach Activist”

  1. Mary Urashima says:

    The one meeting I attended was the first and only time I have met Joe Daichendt. I am not a member of HBDRA, but was invited to provide input on a historical display planned for the project. I understood we would hear an overview of the project. The project team was friendly and informative, but I did not hear back from anyone after that. And, I did not know of Mr. Garofalo’s involvement.

    I wish Joe Daichendt nothing but the best for his project.

  2. Joe Daichendt says:

    Mary, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the kind thoughts.

  3. M Dardis says:

    If the highly respected and most honorable Mayor in the history of HB is involved, run like hell. Dave Garofalo the highly honorable and highly distinguished convicted felon and former Mayor is the puppeteer pulling the strings of the MSI, the Mayor of Special Interests who will be termed out. So now he has found another puppet in Kim Kramer—now the truth comes out.

    I did not know that Kim Kramer is fronting for highly distinguished convicted felon and former Mayor. Next we will be changing the name of our city to Huntington Bell.

    Shakedowns should be investigated. Will the MSI do anything; NO as he is supported by Dave Garofalo, endorsed by the Republican Party of the OC, endorsed by the Republican Party of HB and dh Don Hansen. Will the City Attorney do anything, No as she has not been instructed to do anything. The MSI will be working on this problem just as he has been working on the preponderance of drinking establishment in downtown HB for the past 2 years. Note the MSI was on the dias at the meeting held at the Strand concerning the residence parking issues along with the decline and trash in Downtown HB.

    Thanks for the fine Investigative Reporting that has been sorely lacking here in HB. Will the Independent do anything–No; the Wave will have an article by the apologist for the Political Machine, and OC Register nothing as they need the advertising revenues.

  4. Arnold Vickinisky says:

    Garofalogistical Kramer triumphs the likes of Houchen. Kramer’s neighbor-hoodie Koo’k’-Aid may have already been sipped by Shaw & Boardman.
    Careful Daichendt, Alessa Cucina, & Bohr: Krameriverside will boil you up like toxic meth in a Fontana kitchen explosion and then sell you as tigerblood to one of the Sheen goddesses so he can brag to the Huntington Beach Independent about Winning as a result of his self diagnosed AdonisDNA. Charlie, Save Us All In H.B.


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