‘Absolutely Infuriating’ OCWD Director Says About Secret Meetings

‘Absolutely Infuriating’ OCWD Director Says About Secret Meetings

By John Earl
Surf City Voice
Note: The characterization of the Executive Committee meetings as “secret” is the writer’s term and his term only. The wording of the opening paragraph was not meant to imply otherwise

An Orange County Water District director, infuriated over being misled by OCWD staff and other directors about secretly held and possibly illegal executive committee meetings, plans to speak out at the District’s next board meeting, July 16, the Surf City Voice has learned.

“Since I have been copied with agendas for recent executive committee meetings,” Director Jan Flory told the Voice in a phone interview, “I am very disturbed that they are not copied to the rest of the board before its meeting. The scope of issues it talks about far exceeds what I have been told the Executive Committee deals with.”

The previously secret agendas and other documents were shown to Flory by the Voice, which obtained them through multiple requests under the California Public Records Act.

Flory is one of three appointed OCWD directors on the ten-member governing board. She represents the city of Fullerton and started her term last January. The other seven board members were elected by districts.

Flory said she will ask Fullerton’s city attorney to look into the legality of the Executive Committee’s meetings.

8 Responses to “‘Absolutely Infuriating’ OCWD Director Says About Secret Meetings”

  1. Milt Dardis says:

    Please help and support Commissioner Jan Flory as she is the rate paying taxpayers friend. OCWD is operating as a secret society and spending the taxpayers money without any regards to ethics or any checks and balance. Arrogance in action by most Commissioners who are more interested in representing Poseidon Resources interests and position than what is fair and beneficial to the rate paying taxpayers. Wants to fund a billion dollar folly using taxpayers dollars that even the The Shark Tank investors would laugh at as there is no evaluation, no contracts, and no buyers let alone what is the cost of the water.

  2. Jane Rands says:

    Wow! Great to hear the Fullerton’s appointee to the board, Fullerton City Council Member Jan Flory, is standing up for us rate payers. Please keep it up and keep us informed in Fullerton.


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