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OCWD: ‘Would you like a sandwich?’ Water directors keep their early meetings and bloated stipends

OCWD: ‘Would you like a sandwich?’ Water directors keep their early meetings and bloated stipends

John Earl
Surf City Voice

At the June 18 regular board meeting of the Orange County Water District, Director Jan Flory of Fullerton asked her nine colleagues if they would support consolidating the dates of four public committee meetings in order to save $106,000 a year and to make those meetings more convenient for the public to attend–early morning and high-noon start times are great for water buffaloes but inconvenient for the general public.

Flory suggested holding two committee meetings in succession at 3 and 4 p.m. with a 30 minute break before each of two regular monthly board meetings held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

The current system is “cumbersome and inefficient,” she told her colleagues that night, “and it occurred to me that there was a much more cost-effective way of dealing with this.”

8 Responses to “OCWD: ‘Would you like a sandwich?’ Water directors keep their early meetings and bloated stipends”

  1. David Zenger says:

    Well, good for Flory.

    Probably the biggest scam board in Orange County.

    Nice picture of Bilodeau shoving a sandwich into his face.

  2. Debbie Cook says:

    A most valiant attempt by Jan Flory, but not a chance her colleagues will give up a single stipend or ham sandwich. I’ve never heard so many lame excuses for not being able to consolidate some of the fluff…and fluff it is. Water agency directors are micro managers. Do they really think staff can’t figure it out without them? They could double the productivity of staff by eliminating most of these meetings. OCWD is just one more example of what is horribly wrong in the water world.

  3. Milt Dardis says:

    Cathy Green never met a free meal she did not like. No meal no Cathy.As a member of the Poseidon 4, she does not even care about the rate paying taxpayers and only about Cathy Green. What has Cathy Green done for the city taxpayers. Please support Commissioner Flory as she cares.


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