Surfing next to the Huntington Beach pier. Photo: Rudy Ramos

My name is John Earl and I am the publisher, editor and main reporter for the Surf City Voice.

I started the Surf City Voice in 2010 as an outgrowth of the print newspaper, Orange Coast Voice, that I co-owned and edited from 2006 to 2009. Before that I was involved in a variety of related pursuits in journalism, activism, and labor organizing.

The purpose of the Surf City Voice is to provide in-depth and honest reporting, analysis and commentary that helps readers to understand water management and governance in southern California. From time to time I may also publish stories about local Huntington Beach issues. My perspective is progressive but non-partisan and my end goal is to benefit the public interest.

I welcome submissions of all kinds that are consistent with this mission statement, including editorial rebuttals.

Advertorials, press releases, etc., will not be published.

I do not accept advertising or monetary contributions from corporations or unions. In fact, I don’t accept advertizing from anyone, not only because I want to be free of any conflicts of interest but also because I would rather spend my time researching and writing than making and posting advertisements. But I do welcome and wholeheartedly encourage donations from individuals who are not the focus of any recent Surf City Voice news.

The content of the Surf City Voice is copyrighted under all applicable laws: except for brief excerpts used in the course of news reporting, research papers, books or reviews, none of its contents may be  reproduced without express written permission from me.

Editor/Publisher: John Earl

Past Contributors Include: Gus Ayer, Conner Everts, Debbie Cook, Sara (Steve) Mosko,  Mary Adams Urishima

Photographer: John Earl

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