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Bixby Report: Usmania Halal Restaurant Entices, Exceeds Expectations

By Mark Bixby
Special to the Voice

Tonight Julie and I dined at Usmania Halal (Pakistani/Indian) Restaurant in Westminster after both of us independently discovered it on Yelp today.

It’s located in a scruffy part of town on the forlorn southeast corner of Westminster and Olive. Despite there being a large pole sign on the corner, Julie and I both drove right by it initially (we were driving separately because she was going to the OC Arts Center afterwards with her mom)

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Pierside Developer Claims ‘Bully Tactics’ Used by Huntington Beach Activist

By John Earl
Surf City Voice

Kim Kramer, the leader of a group that advocates for downtown and city-wide improvements, has been accused by a prominent local developer of using “bully tactics” in an attempt to pressure him into donating $25,000 per year for-life to the city for a proposed downtown area residential parking permit program that he was promoting.

Joe Daichendt, owner of the Pierside Pavillion on the corner of PCH and Main

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City Charter Review: What should be on the agenda?

First part of an ongoing series of video and written reports that will appear between now and election time (November) about the city charter review process and how it could affect Huntington Beach residents. In this first section, committee member Mark Bixby talks about his reasons for trying to or not trying to get various issues placed on the ballot for consideration by Huntington Beach residents in November. This interview was conducted by John Earl of the Surf City Voice in Jan. 2010 at city hall after one of the review committee meetings had finished.

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