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Meat Lovers Guide to a Friendlier Climate Change Diet

By Sarah (Steve) Mosko
Special to the Voice

A plant based diet beats a traditional meat based diet hands down when it comes to trimming one’s contribution to greenhouse gases, but not everyone is willing to plunge headlong into a life of tofu dogs and bean burgers.

No doubt there are even plenty self proclaimed vegetarians out there who guiltily sneak in some fried chicken, pork chops or a tuna melt from time to time and face self-recriminations afterward for satisfying such cravings at the expense of a warming planet.

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Is ‘Cruelty-Free Cheese’ an Oxymoron?

By Sarah S. Mosko
Special to the Voice

Attitudes about animal rights and welfare often shape dietary choices.

At one end of the spectrum are strict vegans who eschew foods containing any animal products. At the other end are unapologetic meat-eaters who flinch not even at the prospect of eating veal from calves separated from their mothers at birth, confined for months within tiny crates designed to prevent all exercise and foster tender “gourmet” meat, and fed an iron-deficient milk substitute to induce anemia and pale-looking flesh. In the middle perhaps are ovo-lacto

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Debbie Cook: Why a Vegetarian?

By Debbie Cook
Special to the OC Voice

When asked to write about why I am a vegetarian, I was initially reluctant. Years ago, in an OC Register editorial, I was gratuitously referred to as a “strict vegetarian.” Potshots come with the territory of public office but what a person eats seemed to cross the line. But I accepted this assignment, in part, to clear the record.

There are many reasons people choose to be vegetarian. They run the gamut from environmental to social to moral to health to religion. My primary motivation comes from a long held belief that the only solution to our calamitous collision course between growing populations and shrinking resources is for the individual to be the change that is needed.  There is a transition coming and it is better to act forward than re-act in the rear-view mirror.

This past March, the Chief Scientist for the UK warned that, “shortages of food, water and energy will come together in a ‘perfect storm’ by 2030.” Good for the UK to have a Chief Scientist willing to connect the dots between these interrelated issues and warn the public, but 2030?!!

By 2030 it is projected that the world population will be 8.3 billion. By 2030, just to keep oil flowing at current rates of consumption, the world will need to find and exploit another 4-5 “Saudi Arabias.” World oil discoveries peaked in the 1960s; even finding one more “Saudi Arabia” is highly unlikely, some might even say delusional. Those two ideas cannot be held simultaneously—population growth with diminishing energy resources.  Something’s got to give. Read the full story

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